Take a look inside the minds of these Rho Brothers from various stages and walks of life who wanted to share with you why they chose and continue to be apart of Sigma Phi Rho.

 Brother Thompson

"Joining Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity Inc. was a Blessing to me and I am grateful to have joined this fraternity. What's appealed to me more than anything about this fraternity is the strong sense of family within a diverse group of people who make up the organization. After joining I had many leadership opportunities to make a difference with many opportunities for personal growth through professional development workshops. I credit this family of Sigma Phi Rho for challenging me to reach for higher and higher standards and, I challenge everyone to find an environment that allows them to obtain the same. "


 Brother Diallo 

"The reason why I joined Sigma Phi Rho is because I wanted to be surrounded by people who can relate to me, working towards the same goals which is achieving their personal ambitions and giving back to our community. I have always been community oriented and believe it is and should not be a one person job, through the organization I have the platform to help those in the same neighborhoods that raised me. I also noticed a uniqueness in the interactions between the brothers and the affiliate RHO Rhoses, they had a close relationship that resembled a family that I wanted to be apart of and to this day I have not looked back. " 


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