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Sigma Phi Rho claims ownership of any logo, nickname, or tagline that it uses to conduct business, including non-registered trademarks. Any and all commercial use of Sigma Phi Rho's marks (or any marks that are confusingly similar) must be granted through a License Agreement with the Fraternity.

Trademarks include, but are not limited to:

  • Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc
  • Greek Letters, “ΣΦΡ”
  • Shield

Who needs to be licenses?

Any group or individual that wishes to trade on the goodwill associated with Sigma Phi Rho's marks, and benefit commercially from utilization of those marks, must become licensed in order to do so. A vendor is not required to become licensed in order to resell products produced by a licensed manufacturer, so long as they do not further embellish the product or expand on the use of the insignia (example: a licensed decal cannot be added to a cup without gaining licensing approval for the cup).

Do members need a License? 

A member's right to use the organization's insignia is limited to noncommercial personal use (the process of recognizing oneself as a member). Outside of this limited use, members are required to follow the same legal obligations as other vendors. Consistent with fair trade practices.



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