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The Rho Rhoses of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity Incorporated were founded on December 4th, 1980 at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York when the founding brothers of the Alpha Chapter welcomed eleven young women into the organization. The eleven young ladies are known as the founding Rhoses of this growing women's auxiliary organization and they represent the foundation of who we are. Our purpose is to aid in the development of strong character, the development of self-respect and the development of good moral judgment within our sisters. 

As we continue to flourish, we strive to sustain the longevity of the organization and the ongoing support of the brothers of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity Incorporated. 

Founding Rhoses:

Grizel Maritza Carrion

Ann Marie Clark

Lorraine Coppin

Pamela Bernice Johnson

Paulette Coy

Caroline Yvette Little

Joanie Artilano

Earnestine Virginia Ragland

Rhema Ann Richardson

Wanda Lynette Thompson

Mary Juanita Morris.

General Info

Our Motto Always A Lady

Our Colors Brown & White

Our Flower Gold & White Roses

                                                             - Alpha Chapter Rhoses, 1981

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