From the Desk of the National President: Message 7

When: Sunday, June 28, 2020

Time: 7PM

Meeting ID: 910-630-0085


The National Governing Council (NGC) would like to introduce the newest appointed members to join the board:

Chief of Staff - Tyrone Stith / 

Director of Correspondence - Jesse Breedlove / 

National Social Media Manager - Myke Hawkins /

National Webmaster - Wil Rampersaud /

We look forward to the good work that you bRHOthers will bring to RHO. If you have any general questions or concerns please contact ; if you have any website questions please contact

Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc Graduate Chapter Line Up

Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity Director of Chapters Wayne Sewer III and the NGC presents the Graduate Chapter line up

National Governing Council: February 1, 1981

Alpha Rho: Wagner College, Staten Island NY - April 26, 1982

Beta Rho: Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester, NY – August 1, 1999

Gamma Rho: - California/West Coast - Sept. 2, 2002

Delta Rho: North & South Carolina - June 2, 2019

Epsilon Rho: Maryland/Washington D.C./Virginia - July 26, 2019

Zeta Rho: Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island, NY - January 11, 2020

Eta Rho: New Jersey - May, 9, 2020

Theta Rho: Massachusetts - May, 16, 2020

Iota Rho: Pennsylvania - May 22, 2020

Open Positions

The Operations, Website and Convocation Committees are looking for a few good Rhomen to join the committees. Come out and be heard with suggestions, advice and great ideas. Any active members interested should contact and for the Website Committee please contact

About Sigma Phi Rho

In 1978, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Incorporated was started by thirteen young men from Wagner College. These young men were committed to the developing a lasting brotherhood amongst it membership, serve their school and community. In 1979, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc. received it first official charter from Wagner College. In our effort to maintain relevancy in the lives of our members, and the communities we serve, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc. has expanded upon its original purpose, adopted a set of core values and modern mission statement.

Today, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Incorporated mission is to maintain our existence by providing positive fraternal experience, supporting the development and growth in its members, and contributing to community through service. Our mission encompasses the purposes, rituals and values as envisioned by the founding fathers of this Fraternity.

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Upcoming events

    • Friday, July 24, 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Sunday, July 26, 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 3 sessions
    • ZOOM

    41st Annual National Convocation

    The National Governing Council (NGC) and Massachusetts State Region of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc. proudly presents the 41st Annual National Convocation. As we celebrate our 41 years as an organization, this year's Convocation will be a 3 day event virtually via ZOOM. On behalf of NGC, you and your loved ones are always in our thoughts - please continue to stay safe and healthy.

    • Business Meeting 
    • Workshops 
    • Networking Opportunities 


    Friday, July 25, 2020: Day 1 - "RHO Community Check In  (Social Hour)"

    Start Time: 8:30PM Eastern / 5:30PM Pacific

    Location: ZOOM

    Meeting ID: 914 8731 8428

    Password: Rho1311Rho

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    Saturday, July 26, 2020Day 2 - "Protect the Shield (Business Meeting)"

    Start Time: 12:30PM Eastern / 9:30AM Pacific

    Location: ZOOM

    Meeting ID: 991 8889 5102

    Password: Rho1311Rho

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    Sunday, July 27, 2020Day 3 - "Business Opportunities"

    Start Time: 1:30PM Eastern / 10:30AM Pacific

    Location: ZOOM

    Meeting ID: 972 6248 8994

    Password: Rho1311Rho

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    Below is important information pertaining to this year's National Convocation. Please make sure to review all information before you register. If you have any questions and or concerns please feel free to contact the National Governing Council -

    Attendance Requirement: 
    As per Article VI Section 6. of the Parchment. 

    All Undergraduate Chapters & Alumni Chapters are required to send a minimum of two (2) delegates to the National Convocation  

    All Colonies are required to send at least one (1) active brother to the National Convocation 

    All Neophyte Brothers who have been initiated after Spring 2020 are mandated to attend the National Convocation for Training. 

    * While Inactive brothers are allowed to attend the National Business Meeting. Inactive brothers are not permitted to vote. 

    * If you have not paid your National Dues for fiscal Year January 1, 2020 - July 29, 2020 you are Inactive

    We look forward to seeing the entire Rho Family. Please continue to stay safe and healthy during the difficult times.

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    Phi RHO,

    National Governing Council (NGC) & Massachusetts State Region of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc.

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