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The Vision of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc. is to aid men in reaching their academic, spiritual and professional aspirations. The means, which Sigma Phi Rho will accomplish this goal is through our perpetual bonds of brotherhood and collective social impact. The more informed and educated men are, the more they can focus on positioning themselves to have a greater community impact. How Can You Join Us

- Eligibility to join a chapter requires 6 weeks minimum, of fraternal education training.

- There are 4 classes of membership: Undergraduate, Graduate, Alumni, and Honorary.



Undergraduate Membership

At the undergraduate level, our brothers are active within the Fraternity and in other student organizations. Our brothers perform community service, promote our culture by sponsoring events which highlight and celebrate our heritage, participate in educational workshops, and enjoy many social programs. As a result of their active participation in every aspect of college life, our undergraduates are developing their organizational, communication, and leadership skills, all while pursuing there coveted degrees. Our younger Rhomen are receiving the training and competence to serve as the future leaders of our brotherhood, community, and country.

The privilege of belonging to an undergraduate chapter is open to all men attending an accredited school of higher education, college or university.


Graduate Membership

At the Graduate level, among our ranks you will find attorneys, doctors, and engineers. Our brothers are shaping young minds as educators and as dedicated fathers. The men in brown, white and a touch of Gold are defending this country at home and abroad in the area of armed forces and law enforcement. We are strengthening our country’s economy as business owners.Our brothers are teaching leadership as football coaches, mentors, and community activists. The Rhomen are affecting policy and change, serving in mainstream media, In short, Rhomen are contributing and excelling in every facet of human endeavor.

The privilege of belonging to a graduate chapter is open to all men who have graduated with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of higher education, college or university.



A member who continues to be in good standing, who is no longer a full time student at a college or university, or an initiated member that graduated from an accredited college or university.


Honorary Membership
May be conferred through election and initiation in accordance with the provisions of the chapter regulations.  No more than one honorary membership may be conferred in any one year without permission of the National Governing Council.  All nominations for honorary membership must be approved by the National Governing Council.  Honorary candidates shall not be required to participate in pledging ceremonies or take a national


The goal of the National Governing Council is to eliminate the inactive status within Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Incorporated.  Brothers, the Fraternity fiscal year is August 1 of the succeeding year.   Fulfilling your financial obligation to the Fraternity enables the National Governing Council to maintain general liability insurance, update National website, and sponsor leadership and professional development workshops for our undergraduate membership. Every quarter our National Treasurer will e-mail you an invoice requesting your dues. Please make every effort to support our Fraternity.


In accordance to Article VII Section 15 of The Parchment, the National Membership dues for all Alumni brothers are $156.00 annually.In accordance to Article VII Section 17 of The Parchment, the National Membership dues for Undergraduate Chapters are $88 annually, to be paid by the third Friday in September.In accordance to Article VII Section 16 of the Parchment, the Lifetime Membership fee is $7,800.  The total contribution will go towards the Sigma Phi Rho Foundation. In accordance to Article VII Section 4 (Fee and Fines) of The Parchment, the UndergraduateNew Membership fee shall not exceed $500.00.  $250.00 of the undergraduate new membership fee will be paid to the National Governing Council.

Professional New Membership Intake Fee

In accordance to Article VII Section 5 of The Parchment, the Professional New Membership fee shall not exceed $1,500.00. $500 of the professional new membership fee will be paid to the National Governing Council.  The Professional New Membership fee includes a contribution to the Sigma Phi Rho Foundation, limited liability insurance coverage, professional new membership gifts, and a contribution to the NGC emergency fund.


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