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                              Office of the N.E.C.

Greetings Elite Brothers of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc

Brothers, your National dues are $156.00 due annually. As a result of the increasing expense to keep the organization running the National Executive Committee (N.E.C.) has made a business decision to change the payment process for the National dues. We will be ending the monthly payment plan of $13.00 effective April 30, 2023.

If you are currently paying only $13.00 dues through this system it will expire on April 30, 2023. Any payment you have made up to that point will be credited toward your $156.00 annual membership. You will have until May 5, 2023, to pay the balance and maintain your active status.

For ex: if you paid the months of January, February, March, and April, you would’ve paid $52.00, and your balance will be $104.00 due by 5/5/2023 to avoid being placed on the inactive status list.

Also, as a reminder for Brothers who are reactivating their status in 2023, there is a $100.00 reactivation fee that must be paid at the same time you are paying the annual membership. 

We would like to thank all the Brothers who have maintained their financial obligations throughout their time in the fraternity and we encourage all Brothers to do the same.

If you have any questions, submit them to


                 Desk of the Director of Chapters

March 9, 2023

Greetings Elite Brothers of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc.

First, I want to remind all Brothers that this is an election year. Our national election will be held on

October 21, 2023 (Third Saturday of the month). Brothers interested in running for a National Office, the time line to announce is from February 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023. Please send an email letter notification to There are some constitutional changes regarding voting and running for a National Office.

So, this letter is to inform you of these changes. We will start with who is eligible.

According to the Constitution:

Article X: Eligibility to Vote and Hold Office

Section 1: Those who maintained their active status for two (2) consecutive years and have attended two (2) consecutive convocations and one (1) regional meeting shall be eligible for office.

Section 2: Eligible members must be (financially) active six (6) months prior to the election.

Second, Brothers who have reactivated their financial status with the fraternity for the 2023 calendar year, and/or had inactive status with the fraternity for one or more years, must pay a reactivation fee before these Brothers can be reactivated.

According to the By-Laws:

Article VII: Fees and Fines

Section 7: Any Alumni Brother of any chapter, who becomes financially inactive for one year or more, may reactivate by paying a $100.00 reinstatement fee. The fee is paid to Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc.

and sent to the office of the National Treasurer. Payment of the reinstatement fee will cancel all

past indebtedness to both the former chapter and to Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc...

Current dues and assessments will begin at the time of reactivation.

Yours Truly,

D.O.C. Brother Wayne Sewer

About Sigma Phi Rho

In 1978, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Incorporated was started by thirteen young men from Wagner College. These young men were committed to the developing a lasting brotherhood amongst it membership, serve their school and community. In 1979, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc. received it first official charter from Wagner College. In our effort to maintain relevancy in the lives of our members, and the communities we serve, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc. has expanded upon its original purpose, adopted a set of core values and modern mission statement.

Today, Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Incorporated mission is to maintain our existence by providing positive fraternal experience, supporting the development and growth in its members, and contributing to community through service. Our mission encompasses the purposes, rituals and values as envisioned by the founding fathers of this Fraternity.

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National Annual Convocation

Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc Graduate Chapter Line Up

Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity Director of Chapters Wayne Sewer III and the NGC presents the Graduate Chapter line up

National Governing Council: February 1, 1981

Alpha Rho: Wagner College, Staten Island NY - April 26, 1982

Beta Rho: Bronx / Manhattan / Westchester, NY – August 1, 1999

Gamma Rho: - California/West Coast - Sept. 2, 2002

Delta Rho: North & South Carolina - June 2, 2019

Epsilon Rho: Maryland / Washington D.C. / Virginia - July 26, 2019

Zeta Rho: Brooklyn / Queens / Long Island, NY - January 11, 2020

Eta Rho: New Jersey - May 9, 2020

Theta Rho: Massachusetts - May 16, 2020

Iota Rho: Atlanta, GA - June 14, 2020

Kappa Rho: Albany / Syracuse / Rochester / Brockport / Buffalo - August 2020

Lambda Rho: Florida December 16, 2020

Mu Rho: Military / International January 20, 2021

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The Operations, Website and Convocation Committees are looking for a few good Rhomen to join the committees. Come out and be heard with suggestions, advice and great ideas. Any active members interested should contact and for the Website Committee please contact

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